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        Why Choose Us?


· Experienced Personnel

· Geographically Diverse

· Multi Price Point Perspective

· Proven Track Record

· If we can’t identify any areas that will save you money or strengthen the quality of your product, we will not charge you for the service

   With many years of Land Development experience and interaction with civil engineers and trade contractors, we have developed innate skills of identifying value engineering opportunities, while preserving the integrity as well as the ambiance of the project. 

    We understand the owner’s perspective, marketing strategies, and the aesthetic appeal which help draw customers.


All plan sets are viewed by multiple members of our staff to ensure the most effective solutions

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E-mail: Alex Bordeau (



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We have worked for many of the major home builders in the nation, so we understand their needs.  This is critical knowledge for the development of systems that work within budgetary constraints as well as engineering requirements.