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Why Choose Us?


 We Will Facilitate The Entire Bidding Process

 We Provide A Detailed Takeoff Quantifying All Bid Tab Items

 We Facilitate Pre-Bid Meetings, Distribution Of Bid Documents, Clarification And Publication Of Addendums, Bid Evaluations, And Then Provide In Depth Recommendations To The Owner

By developing a comprehensive unit cost bid document, we can create a template which will allow you to add or delete work from the contract at the competitively bid unit prices. This can also be utilized to negotiate a longer term pricing structure.


We implement proven bid tactics to ensure we get market value from the bidders. Budgeting cash flow for future projects will be much more accurate by knowing the market value of your line items.



Cooperation, coordination, and concise direction are key components for a successful bidding process.

Quantification of the plan set is key to the bidding process. We accurately assess your project to ensure accurate application of unit prices.

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