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 Accurate Lot Cost Analysis

 Cost Effective, Aesthetically Appealing Grading Plans

 Topographical Confirmation (Minimize burden due to Aerial Topographies)

 We Stand Behind Our Designs

 Video and 3-Dimensional Representations Provided

One of our greatest strengths is analyzing potential cost of lots before you purchase them. We calculate probable form costs that are based on current market value and any proposal you may have for existing work.

We can produce whole project, neighborhoods, or individual lot grading plans designed to eliminate drainage problems and reduce warranty costs. This is especially effective during the civil design phase to assist in balancing your projects. It could potentially eliminate costly import or export situations.

This is the final product of the grading plan we created for Pulte Homes Highpointe Project. Dripping Springs-TX

Our grading plans are designed to use natural features, the market needs, and your personal preferences. An in depth analysis of projected slab costs with existing topography versus projected slab costs using our grading plan is provided to help you determine which process suits you best.

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Price for lot cost analysis where owner provides CAD files for Existing, Proposed, Lot Lines, and Building Envelope = $10 per lot


Grading Plan to minimize form cost = $30 per lot